Thursday, November 6, 2008

One Pueblo Blanco among many

It's too damn hot here, our only real complaint. Three or four showers a day....and you try not to move too much after your shower. I leave my hair wet, hoping to catch a breeze. The People: they are incredibly friendly, even-keeled, and good natured. Tourism hasn't soured them to us yet, because there really isn't any tourism, just a large group of ex-pats, as mentioned, who live here full- or part-time. The Spanish takes some getting used to: 'mah' = 'mas' (more) . Very nasal, dropping ends off of words, and running it all together to create a huge, long single mysterious word. And as there is no tourism to speak of, there is nothing for a tourist to shop for, with the exception of wonderful hammocks, wooden rocking chairs and large pots, none of which seem to fit into my suitcase. Many people using horses and carts, oxen, bikes. Not uncommon to see 20 or horse drawn carts just in one morning.

We visited a pottery town yesterday, in Los Pueblos Blancos, called Catarina, and saw the pottery workshop of a well-known artist, who had a more modernist take on the craft. Also lunched lakeside at a lake in a volcanic crater lake, and later, viewed the area from above where there is a view park, musicians, and restaurants. Almost COLD when the winds came up. Nice day.

It's political season here too, with yesterday being the cut off day for all parades and public political events,complete with loudspeakers at full blast playing the FSLN (the Sandindista Liberation folks) theme song, John Lennon's "Give Peace A Chance, in Spanish. Mayoral elections will be held on the 9th. I haven't had the courage to try to understand their politics yet; dealing with our own situation just about took it all out of me! (Uploaded image with curvy white balcony, and early morning bus is taken from my room at 5:30 am.)

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