Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Where to go to watch election returns, in Nicaragua, with our hearts in our mouths? Found a good spot. Quite a crowd at the local hotel/eatery, Hotel San Francisco, here in Granada, owned by two American sisters (relatives, not nuns) who returned for some dental work after years working in NGO's in war zones, and bought the place in a week! Small cozy place, great food, and lots of Obama supporters, including an old friend from Seattle, Bill Ashman, whom I hadn't seen in 30 years, who now lives here. Our kids went to school together as second and third graders, his wife helped to start the Museo Ixchel in Guatemala City. Teeny world. Wonderful, glorious, over-the-top night!!!!!

We made it home in time for Obama's acceptance speech, real-time miracles are still possible in this world. It still has a sense of unreality about it. We cried, laughed, clapped and cried more, silently, tears streaming. Was so very touched to see both Jesse Jackson and Oprah in tears at the rally. WOW. Still have to pinch myself. I have been smiling to myself all day long.

Visited another barrio earlier yesterday where Empowerment International is working, this time in the country. Very peaceful. Very hot and humid. Over the top. Easier to be poor in the countryside, and easier to raise kids. No TV, no videos, kids are more respectful and the teachers seem to be listened to. We had a raucous game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, plus a fun pinata, with everyone getting a chance at it.

Went out at 6:30 am this morning to the local market, it's even too hot at that early hour. Our electricity just went down, we're working off of batteries. The water of also showers. Filthy food market, no garbage control, but lots of people also happy about Obama...he's billed as the President from HAWAII!!! Front page says 30 million African Americans are cheering his win, no mention of us white folks. Nicaraguans in the market are thrilled someone of color has won, no matter the rest. (Everyone here is a bit confused by Michelle's choice of dress, however....she is clearly creating her own path!)

My hopes are that the world has now shifted on it's axis, as has been long predicted. Won't be easy, but with Obama, it won't be so hard.

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  1. Wow can you believe it!!!!We did it-made history with all the renewed hope we need to go on from here!!!I have been smiling to myself too. Your trip looks like a wonderful one xoxo Star