Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bye-Bye Grenada, Hola San Juan del Sur.....

I think I feel guilty about this. We are in a HUGE resort, high above the ocean, built by an North American ballet dancer from San Francisco. Go figure. Three pools (we just returned from a late swim in the infinity pool overlooking the ocean and the small fishing village, reminiscent of Puerto Vallarta in the 70's. It's all that I really don't care for in an underdeveloped country vis-a-vis wealthy tourists swarming in and changing the culture and investment structure, and boy is it great. Wonderful food, big huge safe salads, and we three are sharing a house meant for long-term stay, with three bedrooms, three completely tiled baths, three CNN TV's, and Wi-Fi. People in Santa Fe would love to live here. LOOKS like Santa Fe detailing, actually. All the trim, towel racks, counter tops, chairs, etc. looks like they are made in a carpentry shop on site, using a local wood. Don't know which wood, but it's teak-ish. We found a coupon in a paper for 25% off (will I EVER change?) , so we are each paying about $60 a night. It would rent in the States for about $1000 a nite. What can I say. San Juan del Sur is 1.5 hours by fast cab from Granada. And this is not even the good beach area. Many foreign investors here, I have several friends who have purchased beach front property. Values seem to double in four years. Or at least they did. Good luck Barack.

It was actually a strenuous week, mostly due to the climate at this time of the year. Sticky, sweaty, wet, and exhausting. Thankfully, our lodging was terrific. Too bad only a few of us had A/C, I felt pretty lucky. It turned out not to be a photo workshop, more of a photo tour, sort of. That was OK, but I felt an opportunity was missed all the way around. Would I return? Sure, maybe for a long week-end.

Anyway, off to Guatemala tomorrow to meet Beverley. Hooray. Time for a change of scenery, although travel with my two current companions is swell. We have been together in Peru, Africa and Seattle at various times.

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  1. Where is the part that you miss me - truly, madly, deeply? Or the guilt at leaving me behind to sweat and swelter in this ancient city by the lake? Fair climes ahead for you...not so much for me. I'm starting to feel claustrophobic like I am baking in my own juices. XXOO