Monday, November 9, 2009

Is Oaxaca Safe????? YES!


After spending two and a half weeks in Oaxaca, and after hearing while down there about the random shootings at Ft. Hood and in Florida, I can safely say that I feel much safer in Oaxaca, in the city and in its environs, than I do in the US. I believe the media, on a slow day, replays and replays the bad news from northern part of the country near the border, to fill it s 24/7 needs, and creates a completely exaggerated impression that all of the country suffers from the violence that plagues certain cities. As a single woman I walked the streets alone at night with hundreds of other folks, streets lightly lit, at midnight. No fear. I shopped in the crush of thousands at the Day of the Dead markets in Tlacolula, and the Abastos in downtown Oaxaca, as well as the Benito Juarez and 2 de Noviembre markets, and felt nor saw nary a pick-pocket attempt. Crowds were large and happy, and I felt entirely safe and at peace with the world. So please, give this wonderful region another look-see as a travel spot, it is so well worth your while! A magical, wonderful city, deep in the heart of colonial, creative Mexico, which has been unfairly damaged economically by exaggerated US news reports. So many artisans and small businesses are right on the edge of extinction, without any true reason . Andale!! You won't regret it.......


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