Monday, November 2, 2009

Day of the Dead, Teotitlan and Tlacolula, 2009

Teotitlan del Valle, Nov. 1 2009

We got a chance to walk through the graveyard here in Teotitlan before all the partying starts. A dizzying, dazzling array of yellows and deep pinks, marigolds and cockscomb. We had homemade chicken enchiladas for breakfast with Bulmaro and Aurea, then we walked to Viviana's home to view, perchance to buy, her famous beeswax candles and to see her altar. A vew more pics herewith......

We went to Tlacolula Market yesterday before heading out to Teotitlan, and ate a grilled lunch there; we picked out our own green onions, chiles, tasajo (thin, thin beef), fresh tortillas off another grill, a cold beer, and condiments of cabbage, radishes and avocado, lime. Wonderful! It's my favorite market, even better today because there were very few people.....

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