Sunday, December 26, 2010

And Christmas Eve IS Better in Oaxaca!

After recuperating from the Night of the Radishes on 12/23, we ventured down to the Zocalo again, one night later, for the Posadas on Christmas Eve. Wow. Brass bands, usually in key, floats from each neighborhood with their own Christ and Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus, Three Kings, etc. ringed the Zocalo from 7 pm until about 11 pm. It was such a happy, rambunctious yet celebratory event with a jammed square. Joyful! I am a particular fan of the 'gigantes' or 'calendas' , the HUGE wire and paper mache figures who cavort in the Posadas. Round and round they went, with new floats on diesel trucks appearing from the northeast corner of the Zocalo every 10-15 minutes. Our group purchased lots of hand-blown eggs filled with confetti to crack on each other's heads; it is still making an appearance on my pillow. We ate fried plantains, refried beans,peanuts with chile, lime and salt,quesadillas with the local string cheese, mushrooms and fresh epasote herbs, møle tamales,Cuban tortas,
all washed down with a great, smoky mescal. What a wonderful evening!