Monday, November 3, 2008

Leon, Nicaragua, the Authentic Colonial City

Leon is only about 1.25 hours from Managua, but such a welcome relief. It hasn't been cluttered with neon from American companies, most of the available products seem to be made in country here. We spent a couple of hours at the local food market, a real joy. Lovely, lovely people, happy to chat, WANTING to be photographed, anxious to be friendly. I asked a torilla seller if I could take her picture, she asked for one Cordoba (20 to the dollar). I explained I had just given my last change to the 98 year-old woman begging at the church (see photo), and she GAVE me a tortilla, no charge, and let me take her photo. Absolutely unheard of on any of my other travels in Mexico or Central America. They haven't been worn out here by tourism yet, and are still a bit naive and without guile or agenda.

We're opting out of the trip to coffee lands, Esteli, tomorrow, as we've just come from there before the workshop began, and are hoping to stay glued to the TV all day for a huge landslide. All of us have knots in our stomach about now. And beads of sweat on our brow. And on the back of our legs. And running down our cheeks.

We are staying in a 16th century wonder of a renovated home in Grenada, 24 foot ceilngs, beautiful wood, we each have our own room with A/C, antique furniture, mosquitos netting, it's actually right out of a movie set. Exquisite. The program serves us two meals a day, and are usually on our own in the evenings. It's half a block from the plaza, a bit noisy, but we all sleep like logs.

I am so hopeful about tomorrow!


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