Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Craters and Crafts.....and then some

Craters and Crafts

Masaya Volcano is active and impressive, and not far from Grenada. We were told to park backwards, i.e. with our noses pointed OUT, downwards, rather than facing into the parking space, for a fast getaway. That says it all. They made mention of seismic devices, but then ended the talk with "and you really just never know." Sulfur gases kept us in line, and we shifted to the non- windy side of the park after a few noxious inhalations. Quite lovely, with a view down,way down into a bubbling abyss, and across to Lake Masaya, which abuts Grenada.

After a Pan Bimbo, orange-ish salad dressing mayo-type substance sandwich (which included some industrial turkey) that of course tasted great, at a lovely area within the volcano national park, we went into the town of Masaya to the Artisan's Market. Actually, two artisan's markets, the old one (hot, dirty and cheap) and the REALLY old one (historic, still cheap- yet airy- building on the plaza). Couldn't find anything to buy, oddly, with the exception of a carved gourd, a jicara, which I just now realized I left in the hired van. Oh, well. They do make splendid hammocks and great pottery oddly reminiscent of Casas Grandes designs, all too big/heavy to bring home, but the rest of the markets were filled with Mexican and Guatemalan goods, at twice the normal price. Dinner at an East Indian restaurant, where the bill for 5 of us, with the requisite wine and appetizers, and chicken-coconut-pineapple curry dish,came to $75, total. A little less than $15 each. Much discussion over dinner about vampire bats as we have these little mysterious machines in our rooms that make anti-bat zapping whines throughout the night. Election results tomorrow. I feel like something is about to burst.

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